Is the business opportunity catering to a

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Is the business opportunity catering to a

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Australians are losing their laidback Pat Tillman Sun Devils Jersey , carefree reputation, as we continue to work longer hours, exercise less and neglect our leisure and family time. Recent research indicates that 67 per cent of Australian professionals spend at least 20 hours a week thinking about their job when they should be relaxing, and less than half take their entitled annual leave. Why is juggling work and life priorities an increasingly difficult challenge for many people? Could it be we are trying to pack more and more into our busy lives?

Well Matthew Bazarevitsch Sun Devils Jersey , most people are aware of their tendency to overload on work or information but simply don't know what to do to get their life back to a healthy balance. Being successful isn't only about your career and your possessions, it's about waking up every day and feeling good about the person you are and the life that you have created.

Many people are searching for ways to achieve positive and lasting change both in and out of work. So what are the secrets to a healthy work life balance in a busy and demanding world?

Here are the Top 5 ways you can get the life you deserve.


Take a positive attitude to life, get out and do things. Make things happen and take action.


Believe in your potential to create the life you really want for you and your family.


Your physiology directly influences the quality of your life.


Make time to enjoy life. To laugh. To take time out.


Take the helicopter view to see the big picture and delegate if you can't do it all yourself.

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Business Opportunities: Success and Failure Statistics as Well as Possible Prevention Home Business Articles | May 19, 2005
Let's face it Isaiah Floyd Sun Devils Jersey , business ... are a rather quick, easy way to start a ... They are usually ... ... where someone that buys into a program either online or offline is provid

Let's face it, business opportunities are a rather quick, easy way to start a business. They are usually "turnkey" operations Frank Darby Sun Devils Jersey , where someone that buys into a program either online or offline is provided with all the necessary elements of immediately being in business for themselves. Business opportunity programs can also be cost effective, as many abound, and finding one within a restricted budget is rather easy.

The biggest challenges faced when choosing a business opportunity program are the following:

1. Choosing one that suits an entrepreneur's needs and skills as well as interests.

2. Choosing one that pays enough in commissions on goods or services that makes it lucrative enough to turn a healthy profit.

3. Choosing one that is wanted and needed by customersclients.

4. Choosing one that does not exist in an already glutted market. This would lead to too many choices of other providers and a rather limited market for the business owner.

The sad facts are that because of the easy start up, and the rather quick "fix" that business opportunities present to potential entrepreneurs Casey Tucker Sun Devils Jersey , business opportunity members can quickly enter a business and just as quickly leave it. Turnover can be quite a problem. Since little initial investment is required, many members "jump into" a business opportunity at whim, and quickly find that running a business is a whole heck of a lot of work!

The reason for the failure rate is also attributable to certain outlooks and requirements that many business opportunity "joiners" fail to consider when joining:

1. Is the business opportunity nothing more than empty promises, the old "too good to be true" adage? Unfortunately A.J. Carter Sun Devils Jersey , these types of offerings run rampant both online and offline.

2. Is the business opportunity catering to a dying market? Markets can fluctuate, so due diligence is needed. Research into markets, just as with any other business is paramount.

3. Is the business opportunity solvent? Talk to other members, and do research. Become aware of any problems in paymentsrevenues before you join.

4. Is the business opportunity flexible? Does the Biz Op restrict members in their advertising methods Ty Thomas College Jersey , or are they inflexible and "distant" in their approach to members' concernsproblems.

5. Is the business opportunity viable? Viability should be financial as well as personal. In other words, does the Biz Op have a great financial track record and does it meet the needs of "you" personally, as far as personal satisfaction and approaches to sales and marketing?

6. Is the business opportunity working within the confines of federal, state and local laws? Depending upon where a member lives Shannon Forman College Jersey , these laws can vary widely!

The real statistics on failures of small businesses, many of which now are business opportunities and franchises, are well documented by the United States Small Business Administration: Business statistics provided by the United States Department of Labor, report that in 1994 Ryan Kelley College Jersey , the number of businesses that failed that year were divided into the following categories:

* Bankruptcies (a 15.4% increase from 1993).

* Failures (a 17% increase from 1993).

* Terminations (.3% increase from 1993).

The Small Business Administration attributes these failures and the ev. Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NBA Hoddies Wholesale Hats China Cheap Shirts Free Shipping Cheap T-shirts Wholesale Cheap NCAA T-shirts